Once completed, students will have a deeper understanding of what is living and non living. Students will be able to identify the characteristics of non living and living things and will be able to classify them in an environment.

Take this pretest to test your knowlege of living and non living things.Beginning Quiz

Read this to learn more about living and non living things.Living vs Non Living Things

Living things need 7 characteristics of life. Click on this link to learn more about what they are.7 Characteristics of Living Things

Living and non living things have different characteristics. Look at this website for a good list of items that are living and non living.Are You Dead or Alive?

Watch this movie. Movie It is a movie clip with a bunch of pictures of different things. While you watch it please fill out this graphic organizer for the different things you see in the movie. Movie Worksheet

Click on this link to see a review of what living things need. Living things will need everything on this list.What Living Things Need

Play this game to learn how animals meet their needs.How Animals Meet Their Needs

Ok, I think you are ready. Take the following quizzes to test what you have learned about living and non living things.Quiz 1 Quiz 2