Students will practice telling time with analog and digital clocks using quizzes and games. Students will also practice by setting clocks to a given time.

A clock is used to measure the time or duration of an event or action of a person. It is only useful if we know how to use it! Let's explore the many ways we can use clocks to tell time.

This is the history of clocks and how they have changed over time! History of Clocks

In case you forgot, here's a quick review of what we've learned about clocks and telling time.

Learning to Tell Time: Learning to Tell Time

In this lesson, you will complete different activities that test your skills with telling time.


Practice With Clocks!
Help the dragon set the clock to the right time! Telling Time With A Dragon!

Set the clock to the given time. Time Clock

Match analog and digital clocks together so they both read the same time. Match Analog and Digital

Drag the five digital times to the correct analog clock then press STOP THE CLOCK to record your time. Time

You know what time it is now, but What time will it be?