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I am thinking of a place with warm weather, the ocean, hula dancers, hiking, palm trees and amazing sights to see. What place could I be thinking of? Hawaii? that is right.

If you moved to Hawaii where would you want to build a house? Some where out of the way of a volcano i would hope. That is what we are going to do. I will give you websites that will teach you about volcanoes to help you find a good place to build a house.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is learn about the volcanoes. What kind of volcanoes are on the earth? What is different and similar between a caldera, cinder cones and shield volcanoes?
Types of volcanoes

Step 2: What kind of volcanoes are on the Hawaiian Islands?
Hawaiian Volcanoes

Step 3: Using the map of Hawaii. What Island do you want to build your house on?
What volcano or volcanoes are on that Island?
Map of Hawaii

Step 4: Check out the hazards. What kind of things do you think could happen by looking at this picture? Find three things that could occur during a volcano.

Step 5: How will you handle a volcano if it erupts where you live? If you are at home and ashfall starts, list three things that you will do.

Grading Rubric

By learning the different volcanoes, where they are on the Hawaiian Islands, and the hazards that could happen you now know where would be a good place to build.