We will explore the phases of the moon become more familiar with our neighbor. Get ready to BLAST OFF!

Welcome Space Explorers! 
We will be learning about the stages (phases) of the moon and become more familiar with our neighbor. 

 We will see how the moon can seem magical as it appears and then disappears ! We will visit a few websites to find out more about the phases of the moon. Have fun and enjoy ! The Earth's Moon Click here and draw a picture of the moon as it looks tonight. Make sure you put in the correct date and time. Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures 

 What does the moon look like tonight? Draw it in your science journal.


We will now learn a bit more about the phases of the moon. We will explore 3 lunar learning activities. A quiz will greet you at the end of this web page. Good luck, astronauts! Lunar Phases

Finally, we get to see where we are going with our neighbor the moon with the help of NASA!