Today we are going to test your knowledge of where the states of the U.S. are on map! Next you are going to learn about the surrounding bodies of water and then be tested on what you learned. I hope you enjoy!

Click on this link to take you to a map of the United States. You are going to have to place the state where it goes on the map. Good luck!

U.S. Map Puzzle

Next you are going to learn about the surrounding bodies of water by the United States. Read the information, answer the questions below, and pay attention to where they are on the map. Your next activity will be to place the name of a body of water on the map in the correct location. Here are some vocabualry words to remember:

Bodies of Water

Estuary:A wide body of water formed where a large river meets the sea. It contains both fresh and salt water.

Sound: A long, relatively wide body of water, larger than a strait or a channel, connecting larger bodies of water.


List the oceans, bays, seas, straits, gulfs, and sounds in the United States and what they are located by.

1.Which strait is by Alaska?

2.What is the largest Estuary in the United States?

3.Which bay is known for the highest tides in the world?

4.Which ocean is the second largest? What fraction of the earth does it cover?

5.Which sound has underwater cables that carry electricity?

6.Which sea is considered to be one of the world's major fisheries?

Now take the quiz!

Quiz on the bodies of Water