We use verbs all the time, but do we know what they are? We will now, so get ready! We will also be learning new and more colorful verbs to use instead of the ordinary everyday ones.

Here are your instructions for an assignment that will be due in class next week, so pay close attention!

First off, we need to learn what a verb is. This website should help you learn what it is. What is a verb?

Now that you're a verb expert, lets put that knowledge to use! The first part of this assignment is to find six pictures that depict some kind of action. You can find six pictures from a magazine, they can be pictures that you or someone in your family has taken (just remember to get their permission to have the picture glued onto paper or get a copy of it) or you could use this website to find pictures. Verb pictures

Next, you're going to take these six pictures and glue each one on a separate sheet of paper with space at the bottom. Your next job will be to go to an online dictionary, you can use this link. (Merriam-Webster Online Thesarus When you get to this website, make sure that you click the button next to thesarus, not dictionary.) Look at the picture you've chosen and think of a verb for it and put that verb in to the box at Merriamwebster.com and see what search results are returned. Try to find one that is new to you and you don't think anyone else will use. Make sure it still fits the picture! Write your cool new verb at the bottom of the paper and bring all six papers to class. We're going to make a story with everyone's pictures! Extra credit for the best, most unique verbs.