This lesson will introduce students to the proportions of the face and the construction of facial features including eyes,nose mouth, ears, hair and a head. THE STATE STANDARDS for this project are as follows; STANDARD 1 Making: Students will assemble and create works of art by experiencing a variety of art media and by learning the art elements and principles. STANDARD 2 Perceiving: Students will find meaning by analyzing, criticizing, and evaluating works of art. STANDARD 3 Expressing: Students will create meaning in art. STANDARD 4 Contextualizing: Students will find meaning in works of art through settings and other modes of learning. Below is a list of useful site to help in drawing facial features, along with useful tutorial and resources.

Objective: Learn how to draw facial features to the correct proportion that will show a realistic appearance of the head, eyes, nose, lips/mouth, ears, and hair.

Quick learning quiz (test your ability and knowledge) Do before doing anything else! This will help, believe it!

Application Quiz: (self evaluation)
1. Draw a oval or egg shaped circle.
2. Draw a light vertical line at the center of the oval or circle.
3. Make light horizontal dashes a little above the center of the oval or circle.
4. Draw another light horizontal line just below the dashed lines.
5. Draw the jaw-line of your character at the bottom half of the oval or circle. Where it meets at the center vertical line it should basically look like a big "V" in the end.
6. Draw two vertical lines at the base of the jaw to make the neck.
7. Add the eyes at the horizontal line with the eyebrows going up to the dashed horizontal line.
8. To draw the eyes, make a half-oval shape. Then draw a horizontal line underneath the oval. Place a black dot in the middle for the pupils.
9. Draw a line about half way between the eyes and the chin for the mouth.
10. Make your nose along the vertical line and end with the mouth just below it.
11. To draw the nose, draw a slanted line going down to the right, then draw another smaller slanted line going down to the left. *Nostrils are generally triangular shaped.
12. Draw the ears as high as the dashed line and about as low as the nose.
13. To draw the ears, make half-oval shapes on the side of the head.
14. Make the hairline above the dashed line to show were the hair stops. You can make the hair however you want.
15. Trace over the head with a pen if you wish.
16. Erase any extra lines, and you now have a human head.

Now that you have completed the quiz take the time to view the link below "Drawing for newbies".
This will help you with your own drawing! Follow the instructions and create a head with all the facial features. Utilize the link/links given to help you draw!

(Be sure to use links;i.e getting started)
Do " Step by Step Portrait" first. If you are having trouble use numbers 1 through 6 with links to help.

Step by Step Portrait drawing. step by step portrait

1. Draw the face structure using a circle. Link for help - (perfect head). face structure
2. Now draw in the eyes. Link for help - eyes. portrait tutorial on eyes.
3. At this point you can put in the lips and mouth. Link for help - lips and mouth. drawing lips
4. Next draw in the most overlooked part of the face the nose. Link for help - nose drawing noses
5. Of course your drawing looks best with hair, so lets put some on so you can learn how to draw that. Link for help - hair drawing hair
6. Last but not least, make adjustments if needed!

Critique: Lets review by checking out the link that tells us things not to do when drawing. The link is "Don't do that! (Things not to do)". This is when you and others can evaluate your drawing!

Not a bad idea to use some of those links not used to help on future drawings!!


Drawing for newbies
Don't do That (Things not to do!)


side profile video
How to Draw Human Heads - video series
Video Drawing coach


drawing the portrait
Portrait drawing tips
drawing profile
face sketchbook
how to draw and paint


Portrait artist home page
Draw accurate face proportions
Exaggerate facial features drawing caricatures
drawing the face

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