Now that you have mastered the common math operations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, you are ready to tackle some more challenging, yet practical problems. For example: How much money do you have if your Mom paid you $20 for every time you mowed the lawn, but you had to pay your little brother $5 for every time he helped you, and together you accomplished the job 7 times? Or how about this one: if you picked 5 apples but 2 were rotten and you had to divide them equally between you and your five friends, how much would each person get?

Current Knowledge

You will need a piece of paper to record information and to write down examples, so grab one now. Number the paper from 1 to 10.
Get with a partner and write down how you think the equations to solve the above problems will be written. Write these down as numbers 1 and 2 on your paper.

Learning Needs

With you partner, discuss what you need to learn in order to solve the problems. Write down your thoughts as number 3.

Information Sources

Discuss with your partner where you might find some information to help you solve these problems. Try to list as many sources as possible on number 4.

Information Seeking

Along with some of the sources that you came up with, here are some resourcese that will help us achieve our goal of solving these type of porblems. We are going to be looking at three different ways to do this. It is important to try all three ways, along with any other proceedures that you came up with, and then decide which way you like the best. You only have to chose one!

First, lets look at using chips (no, not the kind that you eat) for a visual reminder of what positive and negative numbers look like and how they go together. You will visit the site below and follow the instructions. Do this enough times to feel confident that you would be able to do it on your own.
After entering the site, click on "Lauch Gizmo", then read the instructions and click away!
For number 5, write down 3 examples that were shown on this site.
Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips

Next, we will be using a wonderful tool, the number line, to help us see the numbers and what happens when you add and subtract numbers.
Again, after entering the site, click on "Launch Gizmo" and begin. Record 3 examples of problems that were solved using this site for your problem number 6.
Adding and Subtracting Integers

For one more fun site, here is a game where you use positive and negative numbers to combine them together to reach a sum of zerp. Check it out and try one game. Record the circle of numbers used to solve it on number 7.
Circle Zero


Write down on number 8 what you have learned. Include which procedure you prefer, and how it helps you solve the problems.


Give an example of a problem using positive and negative integers, an show how you would solve it. This will be number 9.

Closing the Loop

For number 10, write a sentence describing what you have learned. Also, write another sentence about what you liked or disliked about this lesson. Thanks for spending time learning!