Participant materials for IA Workshop during spring 2009. For viewing and printing convenience each resource is a pdf. For your convenience, there is a link to download the free Adobe Reader.

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Workshop Materials

Advanced IA Features

Sample Activities

  • A true AUTO-mobile - Using a Lego Mindstorms roverbot as a test model, students program a "proof of concept" vehicle that can follow a road on it's own. Middle grades, content area includes introductory programming concepts. Limit: 3 groups

  • Race Across South America - Using web based resources and references, students plan the fastest route across a set of secret locations in South America (thus the task is actually two parts, first discover the locations, then discover the fastest way to visit them). Middle grades, content areas include Spanish and Geography.

  • Yellowstone Fires - With your group decide on the best policy for managing wildfires in our own backyard national treasure--Yellowstone park. Read up on some of the history of fire management policies, the environmental impacts and then decide on your own policy. High school, environmental science.

Problem-based Learning

  • PBL Cheat Sheet - pdf - If you want to use Problem-based learning, this has some recommendations.

  • PBL Learning Shell Project - An Instructional Architect project you can copy with Problem-based learning headers--just fill in the blanks.

  • Yellowstone Fires Homework - pdf - In case you want to adapt the handout from the sample problem-based learning activity on the yellowstone fires, here it is as a word document.

If you were a participant during the Fall 2008 workshop, please click here for your workshop materials.