You will investigate some of the components that go into designing your own model of a solar car. This is to kindle car design ideas, not limit them.

Go to Chassis
1. What is the chassis? What does it do?
2. What is one obvious consideration?
3. What is the difference between strong and stiff? Which do you want your solar car body to be?
4. Under orientation, how can you stiffen a material?
5. Under materials, what material do you think you want to use and why?

Go to Wheels
6. What does friction do?
7. What is traction?
8. What does weight distribution have to do with traction?
9. Do you want large or small axles?
10. What does a thrust bearing do?

Go to Transmission
11. What does a transmission do?
12. What are the 4 types?

Go to Gears
13. How do you select the proper gear ratio?

Go to Solar Panels
14. Draw the pathway of energy from sunlight to the motor.
15. What 2 ways can you maximize power from the solar panels?
16. What is the disadvantage of the second method?

Go to Body and Shell
17. What is frontal area?
18. What does this have to do with the design of your car?
19. How do you reduce the force of air on your solar car?

If you finish these questions and have time, make a preliminary drawing of what you would like your car to look like. Also, feel free to explore the website that this activity brought you to. There is a lot more information on successfully building an efficient solar car model.