An overview of the cool stuff you can do with IA.

You can add a link from links saved to MyResources and Folders:

NASA Video Gallery

You can add a link from a URL that you find yourself using the Add Your Own Resources feature:

CSI--the television show

You can add a graphic from a direct link culled from Google Images or other source that gives you a URL for the image using the img src HTML tag and pasting it directly into the Project Body window. So, a link that looks like this:
img src= ""
with pointy brackets around it would look like:

You can also embed videos the same way, but using the embed code offered by most Web sites:

And podcasts can be added using the embed code:

And how about a lovely VoiceThread?

How about an RSS feed on your fave blogs? If you don't have embed code for your blog, just make a widget!

Note: These features allow you to make Web pages for topics outside math/science.