Learn about the structure of the human brain and how it is affected by drugs of abuse.

Use the resources below to

1) List at least 10 structures in the brain, and explain their function. Be sure to include the reward pathway.

2) Make your own sketch of the brain and show the location of the 10 structures above. You may need more than one sketch.

3) Describe how drugs of abuse affect different parts of the brain.

Neurobiology of Drug Addiction Sec. I

Reward Pathway and Addiction

Understanding Drug Abuse NIDA

Pleasure Centers in the Brain

Brain Activities

4) Describe the long term damage that drugs can do to the brain and other body systems. Be very specific.

Drugs and the Brain NIDA

Brain Health

Utah Genetics

5) Describe the brain and neuronal issues involved in abuse, tolerance, craving, and addiction.

Teen Brain

6) Describe 4 techniques we can use to visualize the living brain.

PET scan animation

Brain Imaging

For more information, go to the I. A. Project on

Drugs of Abuse and Neurons