Fractions and decimals are used in our everyday lives! We will learn why we need fractions and decimals by playing games and doing activities with candy bars and other fun things! By the end of the unit you will be such an expert that you will be able to do math problems involving fractions and decimals! Then our whole class will have a pizza party that you will plan using your knowledge to figure out how many pizzas we need and how to divide them into equal slices.

Days 1 & 2
Get acquainted with fractions and decimals by exploring the following links:
Naming Fractions
Visual Fractions
Choose ten fractions that you used from these activities and draw them on a paper which you will hand in to the teacher. Make sure you use fractions with different numerators and denominators. Use colored pencils or crayons to shade in the part of the whole that the fraction represents. Write the fraction next to each drawing.

Day 3
Today we will be focusing on fractions. The following link has many fun games to help you understand them better. You can play any games that you want, but you must turn in a worksheet on Fraction Flags. Design the most creative flag that you can, and then draw it on graph paper and write what fraction is represented by each color. You will design and draw 4 flags total. At least one needs to be from Fraction Flag Halves and at least one needs to be from Fraction Flag Thirds.
Fraction Games

Day 4
Today we will be doing a class activity to see how much we have learned about fractions! It is a race, and there are prizes. Wait for the teacher to hand out the worksheet and tell you to start.

Days 5 & 6
For the next two days we will be focusing on decimals. The following link has games to help you with decimals. Play any that you want to understand them better. You need to write 20 decimals and a fraction they are equal to and turn it in to the teacher. Death to Decimals is a good game to learn some, but you can use any game you want.
Decimal Games

Day 7
Today we will do a class activity using fractions and decimals. Get in groups of 4, and then send one student to the teacher to get your Fruit Loops and worksheet. As you go, convert all of the fractions into decimals. Looking at the groups of Fruit Loops you've created might help.

Day 8
Today we will learn more about converting from fractions to decimals. Choose two other students to work with. Using the following site, practice converting fractions and decimals. Time each other for one minute at a time, and write down your scores. After each of you has played three times, come getting a grading sheet from the teacher, and you will all give each other a participation score.
Converting Fractions and Decimals

Day 9
Today is your final test. After everyone is finished we will get ready for our pizza party! Once you have finished the test and are waiting for others, you may go to the computer lab and use the Ice Cream and Pizza fraction games to practice. Then we will plan for tomorrow!
Ice Cream Fraction Game
Pizza Fraction Game

Day 10