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Wayne County Clerk - Marriage License

The Knot

Martha Stewart Weddings

*Travel Planning Sites*

Northwest Airlines



Spirit Air


PERSONAL LIVING (and Parenting):

*Alcohol Research*

Alcohol and Public Health - CDC

MedlinePlus: Alcoholism

NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 

*Birth Control*

Health and Wellness Resource Center - - start at this site by typing Birth Control in the search bar on the right of the screen and select "full text articles" and consumer heatlh. It will list a range of birth control methods that you can select from.

Women' - Frequently asked questions - Birth Control Methods. Explore the questions at this page, but also look around this website itself.

 Women's Health Matters - -Sexual Health: Birth Control - this page has a questionnaire you can fill out to see what types of birth control is recommended for a certain scenario. Other avenues to explore are to go to the websites of the makers of the birth control themselves. For example, NuvaRing. However, if you are at school, these sites might be blocked by the Internet filters.

*Birth Order*

eLibrary (Proquest)  might help in your search. You will need to click eLibrary (Proquest) to search using terms like birth order or order of birth.

Parents Magazine - baby names - click continue to my destination if a login screen appears

*Tobacco and Smoking*

(CDC= Center for Disease Control; ACS= American Cancer Society)

CDC- Smoking & Tobacco Use - News for you

Smoking and Tobacco (CDC - Basic Information) 

CDC- Federal Policy and Legislation

CDC- 2001 Surgeon General's ReportWomen and Smoking

ACS - Guide to Quit Smoking

PhilipMorris USA - Smoking and Health Issues