High Quality Online Learning Resources for Instruction

Mimi Recker
Utah State University

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Meet participants.


  1. Instructors will be able to quickly find, evaluate, select and use online learning resources.
  2. Instructors will know more about how to integrate online learning resources into course design.
  3. Instructors will learn about evaluation criteria for online learning resources.

Why Online Learning Resources?

Break into pairs and discuss: "Why do you or why would you want to use online learning resources in your courses? Why not?"

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Quick Overview of Course Design

Appropriate selection of online learning resources entails:

  • Understanding of context of use;
  • Identification of course goals;
  • Identification of student learning outcomes;
  • Design of learning activities;
  • Assessment of student learning.

Selection and Reviewing

Some considerations (see handouts):

  • Questions to consider when selection online learning resources
  • Evaluation criteria for Merlot learning materials

Revisit Resources and Wrap Up

Revisit online learning resources repositories with questions and rubric in mind.

Action plan: What are 3-5 things you can take from this and directly apply to planning and teaching? What else do you need to know?

Share action plans.