OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to understand the concept of area, find area of a rectangle, and apply knowledge in a "real-life" situation.

1. First, let's learn/review what "Area" is and how to find the area of a rectangle. Make sure and do all three examples.


2. Next, let's test our understanding of the concept of "Area." Click on the link below. When you get to that link, click on "Geometry," then after it goes to the Geometry section, click on the activity "Area Explorer." These shapes will not be rectangles, but that's okay. Still enter the area in the box, which is next to "square units," then click on the "check answer" button and get feedback. As soon as you get 3 in a row correct, move on to the next activity.

http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/Area Explorer/

3. Next, you're going to view a "real-life" problem. There are many examples of when you'd find area:
-Laying sod on a lawn
-Covering a floor with carpet or tile
-Applying wallpaper to a wall

Say, for example, that my project is carpeting. I went to "Lowe's" website and navigated through their site to find carpet prices. Click on the link to go to their website and I want you to notice details about pricing. After looking at prices, come back to this site.

Click here to go to www.lowes.com to look at carpet pricing

Carpet prices are $162.25 for 40 sq. ft. cartons. Let's say that I want to carpet 4 rooms:

Room 1- 20 feet by 15 feet
Room 2- 14 feet by 14 feet
Room 3- 12 feet by 16 feet
Room 4- 25 feet by 30 feet

I'm going to figure the estimated cost to carpet these rooms. First I need to find the area of each room and add the areas together to find total area to be carpeted:

Room 1: 20 x 15 = 300 sq. ft.
Room 2: 14 x 14 = 196 sq. ft.
Room 3: 12 x 16 = 192 sq. ft.
Room 4: 25 x 30 = 750 sq. ft.
Total area to carpet: 1438 sq. ft

Since the carpet comes in cartons of 40 sq. foot, I will divide total area 1438 by 40: 1438/40= 35.95. Therefore, I need 36 cartons. Since each carton is $162.25, I will multiply 162.25 by 36: 5841. Therefore, the cost of the carpet itself is $5841. Obviously, there'd be other costs involved like tools and supplies (if I was doing the installation) or installation labor costs.

4. You are to going to apply your learned knowledge and create your own "real-life" project and figure area and pricing:

A) Decide on an area application of your choice (as I chose carpeting), involving a rectangular shaped region(s).

B) Go online to find pricing (use a search engine or go to a specific website (for example, I went to www.lowes.com.))

C) State the dimensions of your rectangle(s). You will then find the area of the rectangle(s) and the cost of material for the project.