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Biology TextBook -Ms.Bills classes username is BillsGCBiology, password: GCBiology

 The Wonderful Fruit Fly

Multiple Intelligences-Assessment

Physics : Principles with Applications

Physics Classroom

Physics Chemistry Interactive Flash Animation


Crisis in Japan: Understanding Nuclear Energy and Reactors (the …

Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments (IRIS)

The Physics Front


Structure of Muscle

Human Anatomy

Hole's Human Anatomy

Pearson's Textbooks - Microbiology - Botany
A&E Classroom - Biography
Biographical Dictionary - was established in 1997. The dictionary covers more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. The dictionary can be searched by birth and death dates, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other is a Wikipedia type system and everyone can edit biographies or even make their own. Whether you have a passion for history or simply know an interesting fact about the life of your current idol we invite you to contribute to our free project.

 Who did what when? - pbs link

The Building of Ideas (PBS) - once document opens, advance to 2nd page - "Activity Answers"

NOVA - E=mc squared Explained

Tree Identification

Tree Identification -Using a Tree Leaf


VCISE- Fruit Flies

Fungi Research

Fun Facts about Fungi

 Fungal Sex

 After you go to these sites and if you still need more information, please go to eLibrary (Proquest) (Username:26-876 Password: bigchalk). Type fungi into the basic search, click search, it will bring up a main article, click on "Expand this page". There is an overall and many links to more information. Don't forget to check out the articles below this information as well.


eLibrary (Proquest)  User Name: 26-876 (add REMOTE if accessing from home) Password: bigchalk

Destiny - Online Catalog the MRC has about 8,000 volumes, however, watch publication dates. This is a good resource for historical reference material.

 Science Page Ms. Schultz's Science Page mostly for Chemical and Elements reference


Garden City Public Library Is located in Maplewood Community Center, enter from the Balmoral side of building. Hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 8 pm,  Having a GC library card will allow access to many online services.

William P. Faust Public Library of Westland Is on Central City Parkway between Ford and Warren Roads. A much larger library than GC that accepts your Garden City Public Library card.

Canton Public Library Is even larger than Westland. Access its Online branch from above link.

University of Michigan - Dearborn This link to UofM-Dearborn will take you to the Guest Card policy. From there you can explore other resources of this academic library.


MeLCat A GREAT NEW SERVICE THAT BRINGS THE BOOKS, CD'S, and OTHER MATERIAL RIGHT TO YOUR SCHOOL! Search MelCat for items you cannot find in the school MRC. Use your Student ID to have material delivered right to the school. Deliveries are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays with loan periods varying.


Stoney Brook University Libraries

Refdesk Boasts itself as the single best source for facts on the net

National Science Foundation

MeL Databases If accessing this from the MRC, no log in is required. If you are accessing from home, use GC High School as your home library and your student ID number as your library card number. Internet Public Library University of Michigan's site


Medscape Med Students username: hendersonbills password: scienceresearch

Medline Plus Health Information

National Center for Biotechnology Inforamtion (NCBI)


Biology TextBook - username: GCbiologyA (case sensetive) password: cougar1

Ms.Bills classes username is BillsGCBiology1 
password: GCBiology1
*Human Anatomy Classes - Blood Donation Game Go to this site to play the blood  typing game. (Plus it's a good resource to use to answer your worksheet questions.)
  Human Anatomy