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Garden City Schools Teacher Account - Use your current email ID as the google ID. Example schultn. Your initial password is "s12345678", and you will be required to change it when you first login. Example

MRC Schedule

Home - Garden City Public Schools

Favorite Resources

MI Star (Zangle)


Discovery Education (United Streaming)

Kahoot - for teachers     Kahoot - Enter Students

Frontline Teacher Center (PBS) - FREE online videos, lesson plans, and Web-exclusive resources

 Freeology-Free Printable Graphic Organizers

IT Requests -organization account number is 323372697 (you can copy and paste this in the box when asked.) password is itdirect. Use this link for Maintenance requests as well. Password is maintenance.

RESA - to log on to record Professional Develpment hours Professional Development Login

Podcasting Resources (from RESA's Carol Mayer)

MI Streamnet - MI Streamnet is a portal to Live and On-Demand professional development and legislative videos for Michigan educators.

AdvancED - Examples of Evidence (pdf) - External Review Team Resources and Tools

MDE - School Improvement Website -

GCEA Union - Links on this page will also take you to MI dept. of Ed. and state and national unions.

Master Teachers Blog

Library of Congress Lessons - Wayne RESA and teachers developed these lessons to use with the Library of Congress - Primary Resources.


Michigan Department of Education -

MEIS - User Management

MOECS - Michigan Online Educator Certification System

Secure Central Registry (SCR)


AASL/EBCO-Planning guide-for strategic plan