Welcome to Garden City Public Schools Media Centers Web Pages. The Goal of the Garden City Public Schools' Media Centers is to provide access to information to students, staff, and community in both print and electronic formats. Our goal is to instill the importance of not only reading but also of information and technology literacy skills.

High School Media Resource Center

Media Specialist: Ms. Nancy Schultz-Speck;

 Librarian Paraprofessional: Mrs. Carol Garrett;

6500 Middlebelt Road,

Garden City, MI 48135

(734) 762-8350 ext. 221

 Email: schultn@gardencityschools.com

MRC HOURS: 7am until 2:20pm -

MRC Schedule


Garden City Middle School Media Center

Media Specialist:;

1851 Radcliff,

Garden City, MI 48135

(734) 762-8400

District's Online Catalog - Destiny - Access the OPAC to view availablity of materials at the high school, middle school, Farmington, and Douglas.

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DONATIONS The school district welcomes gifts to their collection. These materials shall be subject to the same criteria as those obtained through the regular selection process. Gifts are irrevocable; those not added to the collection or those that are deleted from the collection may be disposed of as the library media specialist deems appropriate.