MRC HOURS: Open - M, W, F - 7:00 am - 2:20 pm; T & Th 7:20 am- Closed 2nd hour and A Lunch- 2:20 pm. From this page, find the name of your teacher, and click on to find their page with list of Internet resources.

Welcome to the MRC

 District's Online Catalog - Destiny - Search for books and materials in our library and the district. Click on this link to learn  How to Use Destiny as an online catalog (it starts from a classroom page, but you can click on the above Destiny link from this page.) Destiny Check Out Tutorial (see and listen to how to use Destiny's Check Out Function)

Chrome Download - to use your Google Account - download Chrome (if it is not on your computer already) and use that browser Tutorial on Downloading Chrome

 MI Star (Zangle Parent Connect) - A username and password it needed to access this site. Parents/Guardians can request login information from Cheryl Rose at

MI Star (Zangle Student Connect)

Class A Login


Ms. Schultz's Links for Students and Staff

Garden City Schools Student Accounts(Garden City Public Schools GoogleDocsAccount)-

NEW ACCOUNTS - NOW HAVE EMAIL functionality - NEW LOGIN - - Password is still your student ID Number. IT is working on transferring your files from your old account to your new.

OLD Accounts - Students use your last name, first initial, year of grad for example: schultzn2013.  From the Google window, your entire sign in is 

Your Password is your student ID number.  

Hanging Indent (works cited page) in Google - listen and watch how to do a hanging indent in a Google Drive document for a Works Cited page.

MLA Style formatting in Google-shows how to format font and size, margins, insert page number and header, and line spacing.With closed captioning

Computer Studies - Class login and Typing Log

Favorite Resources - eLibrary (Proquest)
Teacher Links - Discovery Education
Useful links for Teachers
STAFF - GCPS Google Account
MRC Schedule
Guys Read


WolframAlpha - computational knowledge engine

Pearsons - textbook link

Transitioning to College (Kent Libraries)

Scholastic Book Club Orders



Biology TextBook - username: GCbiologyA (case sensetive) password: cougar1

Ms.Bills classes username is BillsGCBiology1 
password: GCBiology1
*Human Anatomy Classes - Blood Donation Game Go to this site to play the blood  typing game. (Plus it's a good resource to use to answer your worksheet questions.)
  Human Anatomy


Science Page Offers links to various Chemical Element Web Sites

Glencove online practice-

Nomenclature of Simple Compounds-Names to Formulas-

Balancing Act - The computer will give you a number of incomplete chemical equations. Balance the chemical equations by selecting coefficients from the pull-down menus. Once you think the equation is balanced, press the 'Check my answer!' button. Have fun and good luck!
ChemBalancer - These are little games that teach you about facts about elements and how to balance equations.

Create a Graph

Science Classes

 Science Resources Created by  Science Teacher Consultants Mrs. Demers and Mrs.Fair

ACT Classes

Student Survey(Advanced Ed 2015)-


  DOCUFIDE(Parchment) - transcript requests

          ACT - login for test scores

Kaplan Online Book Companion


Pearsons - textbook link - Use FireFox or Chrome (No Internet Explorer) Teacher's User Names and Passwords below:

Ms. Chambers' - Username: ChambersLit10

                           Password: Cougars1


Ms. Coeburn's - Username: CoeburnLit9B

                           Password: blueandorange1

Ms. Hornbeck's - Username: Lit9aHornbeck

                              Password: Hornbeck9a

Ms. Marsh's - Username: Marsh AmLit

                        Password: REDWINGS1

Ms. Sanborn's - Username: Sanborn Lit9A

                           Password: SPARTANS1


Family and Personal Living Classes

Links to online text books
Holt Online Learning- to log in to your account
GO HRW - Math Home Page- to access your book
GOHRW- to access homework help



HRW WORLD ATLAS - Use interactive map links to find basic facts about countries and states.

 Culture Grams - A database

Ms. Baker's Classes    Concepts and Challenges

Mr. Balaka's Classes 

United States Map Puzzle

United States Map / Capitals

50 States Crossword Puzzle 

Europe Map - naming countries

Asia - Naming Countries

Asia Map Puzzle

Europe Map Puzzle - click on "countries with outlines" then Play 

World War One Map

Inflation Calculator
Coin News - inflation calculator
Virtual Manipulatives - Utah State
Test Practice Site - LearningExpress Library

Mr. Wilson's class links -

PBS Learning Media The Columbian Exchange

Food and the Columbian Exchange Prezi

A People's History of the United States

Columbus, de Gama and Zheng He! 15th Century Mariners, Crash …

The Columbian Exchange, Crash Course


 Ms. Basalla's Page

U.S. DOE-Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Ms.Beehler's Classes- Ms. Beehler's Page

Ms. Bills Classes



Ms.Cann's Web Page Links


Ms. Chambers' Web Page

 Civil Rights Movement

Mr. Clark's Classes
Big Charts
New York Stock Exchange

Ms. Coeburn's Links

 No Red Ink

Wayne RESA Moodle

Counselor's Page
Institute for Career Research

Ms. Curson's Page
College Goal Sunday

Ms. Coogan's Page

Rouge Survey


Endangered Means there is still Time

ANWR Group Links


Ms. Culp's Page  - Stoich WebQuest document link -

  PHET - Interactive Simulations - Interactive Mole-Mole


Ms. Daniels -


Portion Distortion(NIH)


My Plate


Ms. Echegoyen's Page


Ms. Gala's Resource Page - Click on this link to open Ms. Gala's Page and the links you will need for your project. ANWR Group Links

Endangered Means There's Still Time 


Col. Gilmour's Classes -


CIA - World Factbook

Cuba and the Cold War (PBS) - remember you can research the history of these events at  eLibrary (Proquest) using key words terms such as Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis

  CBP Border Security Spotlight      


Aviation History

- Korean and Vietnam Wars links
Amazing Space
Anousheh Ansari
NASA - Quest

 Mr. Herman's Classes
 Eastern Michigan Information

Global Warming
Statistical Reasoning

Mr. Hett's Classes -

Story Starter (Scholastic)


Mr. Hillert - Math Links


Ms. Holland's Classes



Ms. Johnston's Classes

American Red Cross - Lifeguard Manual 

Nutrition for Everyone

Mr. Kuehnel's Classes

Reconstruction: Lincoln's Plan
InventorsMuseum -

Global Warming


Mr. Lenze



Pearsons - textbook link

Mr. Marihugh's Classes 

 No Red Ink

Mrs. Marsh's Classes

Mrs. Marsh's GC page

Read Write Think

Storyboard That

Literature Test

QUIA-Lit terms Quiz

Mrs. Marsh's Links - links to BBC - Skillswise
Crucible Project Links -

Ms. Chambers' Web Page
Grammar Final - Wadsworth


Ms. McCallum's Classes

A&E Classroom - Biography - (this is
InfoPlease(Biography) - (if you don't mind the pop-ups) - Biography links


Ms. McKay's Classes

Health and Wellness Resource Center

Substance Abuse and Driving - State Of Michigan

Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0

Super Tracker



Ms. Melvin's Classes

History of Medicine Time Line

Interactive Medical Terminology

Family and Personal Living Classes



Ms. Mendez



Ms. Moore

Ms. Moore's Exam Review - Quizlet

Caggia Social Studies


Mr. Nutt's Classes

Congress for Kids

History Mystery

Best of History Websites - Ed Tech


Ms. Shimskey's Classes
Biographical Dictionary
A&E Classroom - Biography

 Ms. Watkins' Blog


Mr. Waronek's Classes

World Geography
Movie Mistakes
Global Warming

Download Links

Audicity- download link

Screen Cast-o-Matic

 Photo Story 3 -Download

 Open Office Tutorial Page

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Kahoot - Enter Students

American Red Cross - Lifeguard Manual

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