You will be learning about several types of simple machines. Have fun!!

Review the first website (which is right here!! Simple machines)
. It has information about simple machines. DON"T click until you read all directions!!!

Prepare to discuss each type in class. You will need to take some basic notes about each machine, using a bubble-map format. Don't forget to include at least one picture of each.

This is another fun site that shows a bunch of simple machines doing work. Just watch, no questions for this site.
Building Simple Machines: A Glass of Milk, Please

The following site has 3 multiple choice questions that go along with the information. You will need to click on the very top section where it says "next page" 2TIMES to get to the information on pulley's,( since this is a teacher site).

Look for the heading " Background Information".

Answer these 2 questions:

1. What did Archimedes tell King Hieron he could do with pulleys?

2. What object did King Hieron ask Archimedes to move?

Here is another video using many simple machines to do a simple task.Building Simple Machines: Plant Quencher

WHEN you are DONE with your bubble map & other questons, you can visit the last site and play the simple machine game:

You will have to cut and paste this web site to log on.


You can go back to the first website & click on "simple machines activities", found at the very bottom of the page.

You should have a yellow screen that says ""

teacher site: Engineering: Simple Machines