Learn more about food chains, food webs, and how the organisms in them affect each other.

In class, you have learned what food webs and food chains are. Today, you will explore how the organisms in these systems interact.

Step One: Food Chains
What happens when you take something out of a food chain?

Go to the Chain Reaction website: Chain Reaction--Food Chains
This internet site will help you build two food chains. Click on the icon labeled "Play the Game." Build each food chain and answer the corresponding questions on your worksheet.

Step Two: Food Webs
How do producers and consumers connect in the real world?

Go to the Meadow Food Web site: Meadow Food Web
This is a quick activity that will get you started on building a small food web.

What about a larger food web?
Go to the African Grasslands Food Web site:African Grasslands Food Web
Place each organism in the appropriate category. Record this on your worksheet. Then, once you are ready, view your completed food web and copy it onto your worksheet.