Students will describe the motion of an object on which balanced forces are acting

Isaac Newton

For this Project you will learn of a fundamental law of physics that was discovered by an English man named Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day 1642. His father, who was an illiterate farmer, died before Isaac was born. When Isaac was but three yeas of age his mother, Hannah, married a wealthy man twice her age, named Barnabas Smith. One condition that Barnabas negotiated in the terms of the marriage was that Hannah was to abandon young Isaac. She did so and left him in the care of his grandmother. Despite a troubling childhood Isaac Newton's gained an education and with his curious nature shined light on the dark abyss of ignorance concerning the description of motion.

The First Law of Motion

Click on the following link to learn about Newtons first law. Make sure to view the animations. What is Newton's First Law of Motion?

Law of Inertia

Sometimes Newtons first law is referred to as the Law of Inertia. The term inertia is used quite offered in physics. Click on the following link to learn about Inertia.

Fun With Inertia

Use you new found knowledge of inertia to successfully complete the Inertia Game.

Home Lab

Now that you have learned about Newton's first law (aka the law of Inertia), perform the following lab at home. Be sure to answer the following analysis quetions and email them to me at:

Lab 1: Lazy Pennies

1. Place a note card on top of an empty glass
2. Place a penny on the center of the card
3. Flick the card with your finger

1. Describe what happened to the coin as the card went away horizontally.

2. What would have happened to the coin if you slowly pulled the card away? Try it.

3. What is the cause for what happens when you slowly pull the card away?

4. If you stacked 10 coins on the card, would it be (easier or harder) to drop ALL of them into the cup together?