This activity will help you discover if the environment affected some of the early Native American inhabitants of Utah.


You are working with an archeologist-historian from Utah State University to try to determine if the environment (climate, plant and animal life) affected the food, clothing, and shelter of early Native Americans in Utah. You are also trying to see if the environment affected the hardships and successes these groups had.


Look at some of the following websites and find information about the environment (climate, plant and animal life) of each group. Also find facts about the food, clothing, shelter, hardships and successes they had.

Paleo-Indians and Archaic Indians

People of the Colorado Plateau: Paleoindian and Archaic Peoples
50 States: Utah--The First Inhabitants
Utah State History--Prehistory
Desert Archaic Indians


Fremont Indian History and Culture
People of the Colorado Plateau: The Fremont Peoples 
History of the Fremont Indians of Utah


Utah History To Go: Anasazi
Anasazi: The People of the Mountains, Mesas and Grasslands 
BLM ColoradoAnasazi Heritage CenterThe Ancestral Pueblos
Anasazi and Kokopelli
Anasazi Artifacts
Cliffside Apartments and Artifacts Show Anasazi Life

Addional Information: Archeology of Early Native Americans in Utah

Cliffside Apartments and Artifacts Show Anasazi Life
Utah History To Go:Danger Cave Near Wendover Provided Clues to …
Utah History To Go: Wildhorse Canyon Supplied Obsidian For Use
Archeological Sites--Danger Cave

The USU professor asked you to make a booklet that grade school students can use to understand the lifestyles of these Native American groups. Use your information to make a visual presentation.

Step 1: Fold your paper in half and make a title for each page

First page: Title page--Early Native Americans in Utah
Second page: Paleo-Indians and Archaic Indians
Third page: Fremont
Fourth page: Anasazi

Step 2: Divide each page into 5 sections:

1) environment
2) clothing
3) shelter
4) food
5) successes and hardships

Step 3: Make or find visual representations of your information (drawings, pictures, photographs, etc.). Compile them in your booklet to present the information you have learned about early Native Americans in Utah. Make sure to clearly label each representation.

Step 4: Be prepared to discuss with your classmates if the environment affected the food, shelter, clothing, successes, and hardships of these groups.


Your teacher will give you a rubric containing the criteria for your booklet. You will be evaluated on your information, your images, spelling/grammar, and completeness.