You will learn how to identify different kinds of angles.

Dates: You begin this activity on October 8th. You must complete it by October 12th.

Objective (Goal): As you already learned about different kinds of angles. Now you will practice your knowledge with different websites.

Materials: Your worksheet from Ms. O'Hara and a pencil.

Websites for answering your questions in your worksheet.
Why right angles are right? Right Angle Etymology

Clicking this website, Exploring Angles, you will find two parts of the website. The first part has a button "Go". If you click on that "Go" button, you will see the angle move from acute to obtuse angle.
The second part requires you to answer what kind of degree is it by clicking either obtuse or acute. Remember Obtuse angles are always between 91 degrees and 179 degrees. Acute angles are between 1 degree and 89 degrees. Right angles are ALWAYS 90 degrees.

Let's compare... Acute Angle -- from MathWorld, Right Angle -- from MathWorld and Obtuse Angle -- from MathWorld. Write down how you see the difference between these three websites you saw.

All done? Good!

Here is a fun game you can play angles with the Ladybug Maze. Try and see if you like it. Tell Ms. O'Hara if you think it is fun!
Please have your parents sign in your planner and bring your homework to Ms. O'Hara. Don't forget your name!