Information for the case where you would like to edit an existing project.

Editing a project from the my projects page

To edit any existing project on your 'my projects' page, simply click on the link (under the title and dates) that you desire to jump to for that project. The three links are described here and more information on the whole authoring process is on Projects: from start to finish:
  • change theme - Where you change the color and graphic for that project.
  • edit content - This is where you actually type in what the students will read and learn from. This is where you integrate the resources you have saved and give instructions on how to use them.
  • publish options - A place to tell others about your project (grade, subject, standard, etc.).

if you came from the Instructional Architect -- Overview, then just close this window and you should be there. If you came to this page another way and would like to see more of this tutorial click on the last link.