Here are some fun games and activities to help with understanding and using addition.

Begin with this fun game Line Jumper.
Click on the medium level and complete all ten number line problems.
When finished close the window and return to complete the next assignment.

In this exciting activiy, Mr. Bear can't decide what to wear.
Can you help him?
Begin create clothes for Mr.Bear * with two shirts and two pants.
Go to customize and change the number of shirts to three, but leave the pants at two. Before playing, guess how many outfits Mr. Bear will have to choose from.
Now try five shirts and two pants. Make another guess before playing.
Close the window when finished and return to complete the next assignment

If you love baseball and addition, this is the game for you.
Click on the medium level.
Type your answer in the box and then click on "swing." You may use a scratch piece of paper, if you wish. Play Math Baseball until you have batted in 20 runs.

When you have completed all three assignments if there is time left you may choose your favorite game and play it again. You may also try a harder level if you wish.