Information about organizing and viewing your projects.

All on the my projects page

To view any project on your 'my projects' page, simply click on the title and it will open in a new window.

As you use the IA more, you may find you have some projects that you edit often and some that you don't, or there may be some projects you would like to delete all together. This is the place to learn what to do with each kind.
  • editing - If you would like to return to working on a project, simply click on the desired authoring stage next to the targeted project. (For more, see Edit your existing projects.)
  • copy - When you would like to copy a project that you already own.
  • (un)archive - When you have a project that you don't edit much anymore and would like to not have it clutter up your default 'my projects' page, then simply click the 'archive' link next to that project. The project is marked 'archived' and can be viewed by clicking the '[archived]' link in the upper-right hand area, next to 'View:' (above your projects).
    To unarchive the project, simply view your archived (or all) projects and then click 'unarchive' next to the chosen project. After unarchival, the project shows up again in the default 'my projects' view.
  • delete - only use this if you really don't want the project or can't use it for another topic or subject. Once deleted, a project will disappear from your 'my projects' page.

What is this stuff under the project color icon?

Well, that is a good question. Under the icon is where we advise you of the current published status of each project. This is set on the 'publish options' page as explained in the Projects: from start to finish page.
  • Publication Pending - means that the project is not marked 'public' or 'student'.
  • Viewable by Students - means it is marked for students and will appear after your phrase is entered on Login as a Student.
  • Viewable by public - will be on the browse projects page and all visitors to the IA can see your work.
  • Viewable by Students & Public - is just that... both students and public can access that project.

Options for viewing your projects

  1. by what you are working on:OR
  2. by who can access this project
  3. AND
  4. you can sort your projects according to:

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