DESK Standard: Identify the place and value of a given digit
in a five-digit numeral, including decimals to the tenths.


DATES: You can begin this activity on October 2. You should complete it by October 6.

OBJECTIVE: We have been studying place value skills this year, and now you have a chance to review what you have learned. You will visit a variety of fun Web sites to practice place value.

MATERIALS: You may want to do this activity with a partner (anyone old enough to understand place value).You may want to use a kitchen timer to count down 15 minutes. No other special materials are need to complete this project.

PROCESS: There are several Web sites listed below. You should explore these sites for a minimum of 15 minutes. Find one or two games you think are most fun. You can do the activities with a partner if someone is available to help you.

Place Value Word Form

Place Value Mystery Picture

Number Generator

Create the Largest Number Possible

Place Value Puzzler

ASSESSMENT: After playing the games and visiting the sites above, ask a parent to write the words "PLACE VALUE" in your planner and sign it. This signature is all you need to receive a grade on the assignment.