Due Date: 1/10/18

The local college, the University of Aryabhatta, has asked for a design for a monument for its namesake, Aryabhatta, a well-known Indian scientist and mathematician from the 5th century C.E. This memorial must must represent concepts of mathematical, astronomical, and scientific understanding demonstrated by Aryabhatta. As a local artist or admirer of Aryabhatta, you have decided to enter the competition. You must submit a design or model of the memorial and a justification of each element's inclusion, as well as a description of the modern importance of each item.

1. Review assignment instructions above.
2. Research Aryabhatta and his accomplishments in the 
field of mathematics and astronomy, noting potential items that could be 
included in the memorial.
3. Design the memorial and, if possible, make a model of it.
4. Write your description of the memorial.
5. Share your memorial with classmates.