Let's practice our double digit addition by playing a few games. In our first game, you will be racing to get your canoe to the finish line. Answer each question as fast as possible to move your canoe. If you get the question wrong, try again. In the next game, you will play a game squishing fruit that have the correct answer on it. Answer as many problems as you can in the amount of time given and try to get 100% correct.

First, try this game Canoe Puppies Two Digit Addition. In our first game to start, begin by putting your name into the box and press play. Then press play now and then press start game. Click the correct answer to each problem. If you get the answer correct, a new problem will appear. If you get the problem incorrect, choose the correct answer and a new problem will appear. 

Next, play this game Fruit Splat Double Digit Addition. To play, start by choosing level 4 and then choose relaxed mode and slow fruit. Click to see the first problem and then begin clicking the fruit with the correct answer. If you get the answer incorrect, try again. When you get the problem correct, a new problem will appear. You will try and get as many problems correct before time runs out. You can then try fast fruit or timed fruit. Once you have completed level 4 you may try level 5, 6, and 7.