Information about the IA browse projects feature.

Introducing the IA's browse projects page

Public projects is a place to find teacher-created projects. You can browse, search, and see some showcase projects. Once you have found a project you like, simply add the project as a resource.

Adding a public project as a resource to your 'my resources'

After obtaining search or browse results, simply:
  1. check the box next to a resource (Read more at selecting quality resources.)
  2. choose a folder
  3. click 'ok'

Copying a project

If you are logged in, you can copy a project by clicking on the "copy to 'my projects'" as explained by the preceding link.
It is really that easy!

Search and Browse Options

We have added several features in December 2008 that make browsing and searching IA projects all the easier and more productive for you.
Preloaded tabs
The tab name gives an indication of the particular IA project information that will be browsed or searched. With Advanced Search, you can specify any or all of the options possible. Showcase shows some projects with some interesting statistics (this used to be in its own page). The Reset Options tab clears the grade, subject, last name, and title options.
Results per page
Hovering your mouse pointer over these words opens a list of possible options. On a slower Internet connection, the lower number will allow the page to load faster.
Sort results by
Hovering your mouse pointer over these words opens a list of possible sorting options. This is helpful when you would like to change the order of the results in order to quickly find a particular project.
Restrict or Expand your results
This option changes the search to include any or all of the selected options. This is the same as doing a search with a logical AND or OR.
Results navigation
When more than one page of results are returned, you can now easily see which page you are on and quickly jump to a near-by page, to the next bunch of pages (with the single angle-brackets), and to the first or last page of results (with the double angle-brackets).
Results display
Your search results now have the title displayed separate from the URL. Clicking on the title when logged in will cause the project to be selected for adding to a folder in your my resources page. If you are not logged in, you will not see the checkbox.
It is in the results list that you can copy a project as mentioned above.
In addition, you can still click more info to see more about that particular resource.

To browse or to search, that is the question…

Browsing is a way of looking at the information in the IA by one or more of the following: grade level, subject, author last name, and first letter of the project title. For example, you could choose to see all the public projects that were marked by their authors for "6th grade" and "language arts" by selecting those two and clicking "submit".
Searching is a lot like browsing, but with the addition of keywords. You can use the keywords to limit your search to only the projects which have the search terms you specify.

Keyword search tip

Before running your search, we exclude any that are in a list of common words in order to reduce the number of unwanted results. Excluded words are indicated in a red message underneath the search box. If you find that a word is necessary for your search, please let us know by emailing the address at the bottom of any IA page.

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