These are resources that deal with media literacy. They are listed by topic. Always preview these links before lessons as some may have stopped working or, if viewed through YouTube, may have inappropriate content on the side of the screen.

This is a great video clip that talks about the use of camera angles, music, lighting, etc. in creating media. TV Smarts for Kids

Photo editing is a controversial issue and is restricted in some areas- click on Cover Model (Don't Buy It) to see how pictures can be tweaked to make a person look different.

Food often looks better in advertisements than in real life.  Check out Advertising Tricks and Behind the Scenes (McDonalds) to see why.

First you need to know some of the ways advertisers and companies try to persuade you to spend money on their products.  There are lots of things they do to get your attention.  Look at Ad Techniques to see a list of many of those ways.

After you read over that list practice looking for those skills as an Ad Detective and for older students you might also want to look at Ad-Decoder (

With all your experience look through the ads below and discuss- What are they trying to persuade you to do?  How are they getting your attention or making you remember this ad?  Do you think it will work on its target audience- give one reason why or why not?  What TV shows would these ads be paired with?

Safety Belt Education (Ad Council)                                        
Wildfire Prevention Classics (Ad Council)                                        
Wildfire Prevention Current (Ad Council)                                            
Oz and Billboards (                                        
Tangled (                                        
Heart Disease (Ad Council)                                                
Emergency Preparedness (Ad Council)                                        
Crime Prevention (Ad Council)                                        
Childhood Asthma (Ad Council)                                       
Allstate Deer                                                  
Fashionista (Doritos)                                                
Coca-Cola Classic Commercial                                  
Happy Meal
Red Robin
Now create your own advertisements- Create your own ads, Design a cereal box, Co-Co's AdverSmarts, Selling with a Song, Lights, Camera, Action!.

This site might be better for older students but it teaches some great stuff.  You Are Here (FTC)

More resources about Advertising-
The following resources are either lesson plans or helpful information for teachers to use in conjunction with lessons on advertising.

Analyzing Media
Children and Media (
Persuasive Techniques in Advertising (ReadWriteThink)
Believe it or Not?
Web Resources (ReadWriteThink)
Fact vs. Opinion

Make a list of tv shows, movies, and video games that you watch or play.  Think about them and when you see violence in them.  Is what you see realistic?  Look into Facing TV Violence (MediaSmarts) there is a lesson plan attached with worksheets that will help you question what you watch and consider things like: is it realistic, are their consequences, etc.
Besides the linked resource there are other really great ones on this site so explore it further.