Throughout the week, we will be studying Math in different cultures around the world incuding African, Indian, Babylonian, Mayan and others. Our first area of study will be Egypt, home to some of the greatest mathematical-based structures in the world. Any guesses to what those might be? _ _ R _ _ _ D S

Today's lesson will focus on several aspects of Egyptian Math. First, let's learn where Math came from. After reading the information from the link below, please write down your opinion and reasoning on a separate sheet of paper.

Was Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Now let's read about the History of Egyptian Math:

History of Egyptian Math
Overview of Egyptian Math

For the rest of today's class period, you will be working through several interactive Egyptian Math activities to have fun with as well as some basic information you will need to know for the homework assignment. I have provided the links to these activities:

Egyptian Fractions
Egyptian Numbers
Egyptian Calculator

After you are done exploring the above links, please click below to complete the homework assignment. Write your answers on a seperate sheet of paper (the same paper you used to write your opinion on where Math came from) and hand in tomorrow.

Egyptian Math Homework Assignment DON'T FORGET TO DO BOTH PAGES!

FUTURE NOTICE: At the end of the week after we have finished the unit on Math Around the World, you will be writing a report on a Mathematician from one of the cultures we study. I have provided a link with several biographies of Mathematicians so that you can be thinking ahead.......

Hall of Great Mathematicians

Just FYI, here is the link to my personal favorite...a young man from India!