These are a list of links and activities about Heredity and Traits.


Where Did It Come From? (UEN) - Talks about the topics in the 5th grade science core.  BEST PICK!
Heredity (BrainPop) - Video and activities about Heredity. BEST PICK!
Study Jams: Heredity - Video and short quiz about Heredity.  BEST PICK!
Dog Breeding (PBS Kids) - An interactive experience where you need to figure out which animals to breed to get a specific trait. BEST PICK!!!!
Naturewalk (AMNH) - Talks about Nature vs. Nuture or in other words traits that you are born with vs. traits you learn.
Heredity & Traits (U of U) - I like the tour of the basics, both the What is Heredity? and What is a Trait?  The slideshow of observable traits is fun too.

***The Utah Museum of Natural History has some "Teaching Toolboxes" for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms.  Read more about what is available on their website.