These are a list of links and activities about animals.

A Touch of Class - A game where it will give you a topic at the top and then you need to select the things that fall into that category below.
Who Am I? - Describes and animal on the side of the screen and you need to select the right one.
Classifying Animals (BrainPopJr) - Video and activities about classifying animals. BEST PICK!
Creature Features (National Geographic Kids) - Lots of great information about many different kinds of animals.  I love the videos (especially for the African Elephant). BEST PICK!
Variations (BBC) - Talks about how to classify or group animals and plants.
Teeth and Eating #1 (BBC) - Has a little information about animal teeth.
Teeth and Eating #2 (BBC) - Determine what animals eat by looking at their teeth.
National Geographic Young Explorers - Has National Geographic Young Explorer magazines that you can have read to you or read on your own. BEST PICK!

The Learning Zone (Oxford)- Good website with information about different kingdoms and animal groups.

Nowhere to Hide - Great interactive that illustrates why adaptations can be so useful.
Build a Fish - Fun interactive although it might take a little bit to get it to work right.    
Penguin Adaptation - Talks about penguins and their adaptations and then encourages you to create your own bird that could live in the Arctic.   
Invent an Animal - A family or classroom activity.      
Animal Adaptations (AASL) - A worksheet and link to the website to use it with. Just select explore once you get to the Creature World site. BEST PICK!   
Interdependence and Adaptation (BBC) - Good interactive, covers food chains.
Squish the Fish - Fun game where you get to change "Squish" so that he can survive in different settings.
Adaptation of Animals and Their Survival in Local Environments - Go through the pages to understand animal adaptations.

Plant and Animal Habitats (BBC) - Short but sweet explanation about habitats for plants and animals.
Creature Features (National Geographic Kids) - You can select different habitats and see what animals live there and explore them more. BEST PICK!

Frog Life Cycle
Animal Life Cycles
Cycles of Life