In this webquest, fourth grade students will be learning how to transform geometric shapes. They will also learn to define transformation, translation, and reflection.

You are going to become math detectives. You will try and solve what a transformation is and how you use it. When you are finished you will be able to perform many different transformations. You will be able to identify many different geometric shapes after transforming them. You will also be able to define transformation, translation, reflection, and rotation.

The Task
You will be visiting a few different websites to help you with transformations. You will first visit a website that you will be able manipulate geometric shapes using transformations. You will then come up with definitions for transformation, translation, reflection, and rotation. Once you have thought of your definitions, you will visit another website to check your definitions.

The Process

Step 1: Visit the following website Transformation Here you will explore how to transform geometric shapes. This should take no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: In your word processor, type your definitions to the following words:

Remember: Type your definitions according to what YOU think.

Step 3: Visit the following websites to determine the definitions of the words. Compare the definitions you found on the websites with your own definitions.

Your grade will be determined on the completion of this project. You will be graded on whether on not you thoroughly visit and test out the transformation website, come up with your own definitons, and visit the websites to compare your definitons.

At the end of this activity you should have an understanding of transformations. You should know what they mean and how they work.