In this unit of study, you will learn about bio - technology and explore three different areas involved with bio - technology.

Bio - Technology

Bio - Technology is an area of study which involves the direct affect and use on living organisms. Examples of Bio - Technology include; surgeries, GPS, GIS, Farming, genetic engineering, recycling, etc...

You will explore two areas which involve Bio - Technology

Step 1

The first area of Bio Technology that we will explore is recycling. Not long ago, our society would bury all kinds of waste in our landfills. Some waste was hazardous, other waste would not decompose, and still other waste would create hazardous fumes through the decomposing process. Spanish Fork, the city in which you live, experienced this recently. People built homes on top of the old dump located near the K-Mart shopping center. Home owners became sick from the fumes, others would find discarded medical supplies and other garbage in their yards. This development was soon abandoned and destroyed.

The recycling simulation you will now look at, will identify the many different ways we can recycle our waste to make the most use out of products and to prevent hazardous situations as described above.

This simulation will require that you click on different quadrants of the city along with different buildings within the city in order to find the information. You will need to find a building which recycles something.

Once you have found 6 methods of recycling write them down and a piece of paper and describe each method.

Recycle City

Step 2

There are many occupations which are Bio-Technology related. Such occupations range from waste disposal/recycling, to the medical fields. In the following you will learn about the tasks of a Biochemist.

After reading about a Biochemist, answer the following questions on your piece of paper.

Read thru Margit's profile - What types of education did she complete in order to be a successful Biochemist? Keep in mind, she did more than just attend classes.

Second, what advice do you think Margit would give an individual who was thinking about changing their course of study? Please refer to the advice given to her when she thought of changing courses.

The biochemist

Step 3

Open your profile on the Into Careers web site used for our career guidance lessons. Using this site, and on a piece of paper, list two occupations which you think are bio - technology related, and describe why you think they are related.

Into Careers