Meteorologists study the weather by recording and analyzing data. You can become an amateur meteorologist by building your own weather station and keeping a record of your measurements. After a while, you'll notice the weather patterns that allow meteorologists to forecast the weather.


1. As a group you will build a weather station outside.
2. Your group will build instruments to measure the weather.
3. Each person will record the data in personal weather journals.


1.Since weather happens outside, you'll need to make
a weather station outside.
To make a weather station:
a. Get a plastic box and take it out side
b. Tape a thermometer to bottom of the box. Once
you turn the box on its side, the thermometer will
be in the back of the box, protected from direct
weather conditions.
c. Take your box outside and find a safe, sturdy
location on the north side of the building where
it's shadiest.
d. Position the box securely beside the building,
perhaps on a brick foundation.

2. Now you need to make the tools to go in your weather station. Go to the following web sites for instructions to make each tool.
1. Barometer
2. Hydrometer
3. Rain Gauge
4. Weather Vane

3. Next I would like you to make a weather journal. Keep it very nice and colorful. Here is an example, Weather Journal

4. Every day you need to..
a. Check your instruments and record the information that you find in your weather journal.
b. Check the forcast on the internet and record the following information in your weather journal...
a. Tempeture
b. Barometer reading
You can find the weather forcast at the following websites, - Weather Forecasts&News and CNN Weather. Type in our zip code wich is 84321 and it will bring up Logan.
* Record your weather prediction for the next week. if you need help go to Predicting Weather


When the project is over, you will be graded as a group for you weather station. You will hand in your weather journal for individual points. The weather journal will be graded for completeness and neatness.


You have now discovered what a Meteorologist does and how they record and analyze data. You built a weather station with your group and practiced recording your own data.

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Grade 4
Standard II:
Students will understand that the elements of weather can be observed, measured, and recorded to make predictions and determine simple weather patterns.

Objective 1: Observe, measure, and record the basic elements of weather.