This lesson will introduce you to two different special right triangles, the 45-45-90, and the 30-60-90.

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The first special triangle that will be discussed in this lesson is the 45-45-90 triangle.  Click on the link below and take notes:

Special Right Triangles 45-45-90

The next special triangle that you need to know is the 30-60-90 triangle, sometimes called the 1-2-3 triangle:

Special Right Triangles 30-60-90

Now that you have been introduced to these concepts, the following activity will help you to understand the application of these theorems:

Special Right Triangles

This is a fun activity to check your knowledge of 45-45-90 triangles:

Special 45-45-90 Triangle Activity

The next activity will further help you to assimilate the information with instant answers and help if you need it.  Do problems 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10:

Special Right Triangles Practice Page

Your assignments will be the following: Using Class Zone and the McDougall Littell text: Asi. #4 Pg. 461;  1-7, 11, 36-44

 and Asi. #5 Pg. 461; 8-10, 12, 16-21, 23-25, 27, 28, and 31.

Remember, red circled problems indicate that the work is shown in the worked-out solutions section of the text.

Good Luck!