Major Dick Winters was a truly great American. A true hero.

Most of you could name your hero.  Most likely it would be someone from sports or entertainment.  They are not true heros.  Read on about Major Dick Winters and learn about a real hero, someone to model your life after.  Not that you need to serve in the military to live like him, but to be the type of individual he was.

Write the following in your notebook before you begin.

1. What did Winters do after graduating from college?

2. In the army what was he selected for?

3. Winters and his men parachuted behind Omaha Beach during what operation?

4. What was Winters told to take out after landing behind Omaha Beach?

5. What important document did Winters find in a bunker?

6. During what battle did Winters and his 20 men hold off more than 200 german soldiers?

7. Winters was described as a teetoteler.  What does that term mean?

8. When did Winters return from the war?

9. In 1951 the army recalled Winters for what war?






Now lets see what you have learned.  Click the link  below for the quiz.