You have all heard the name Blackbeard the Pirate. Was he real?

The name Blackbeard is synonymous with the age of piracy.  When we hear Blackbeard we think of pirate ships, cannon balls, parrots on a shoulder, and buried treasure.  But did Blackbeard really exist?  Or is he just another  Hollywood creation like Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl.  During this quest you will travel back to the age of pirates.  You will seek clues as to whether or not Blackbeard did exist.

So grab your sailing gear we are off to sea in search of Blackbeard.  Aye matey.

First get out your notebook and write down the following questions.

1. Who do historians think Blackbeard really was?

2. What years was he a pirate?

3.  What was the name of his ship that archeologist have found?

4. Where did Blackbeard sail?

5. How did he die?

Next visit the following links to find your answers.





Finaly let's see what you have learned.  Click the link below to take the quiz.  Good Luck!