On the third Monday in January, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Scroll down to questions that will help you learn more about Dr. M. L. King. Follow the links in each section to find the answers. Open a word document, title it "MLK Scavenger Hunt," name and date in RH corner, and answer each question in a complete sentence.

1. Click on the link below to read letters from first graders to MLK.  What does Noel, age 7, think Martin Luther King wanted? Letters to Martin Luther King, Jr.

2.  Click on the timeline and write down what happened to Martin Luther King in 1935.  Timeline

3.  Get your earphones on! Click on this link to hear Dr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.  Write down your favorite part of the speech and explain why you picked that part. "I Have a Dream Speech"

4.  Dr. Martin Luther King had a wife and 4 children.  What were their names? Wikipedia (hint: you do not have to read the whole entire article to find this answer! Look carefully at the first section)

Use the Martin Luther King Chronology to answer the following 5 questions.

5.  When was Martin Luther King born?

6.  Why is September 17, 1958 important?

7.  What was one thing that happened in 1963?

8.  Why was Dr. King arrested June 11, 1964?

9.  Make up a question and answer of your own.

10. Put your earphones on!!! What is Dr. King's definition of greatness?  What do you need to be great?  http://thekingcenter.org/

11. Martin Luther King received several hundred awards.  Write three of them down.  MLK Biographical Sketch

12. Martin Luther King was part of a bigger history of Black strugle in the United States.  As you look through these pictures by Charles Moore, ask yourself:  Have things gotten better for African Americans in this country since the 1960's?  What can people do today to help Dr. King's dream come true? Photos by Charles Moore(click on the words to see photos)

13. Get your earphones on again! This is a video clip from MLK Day 2010, one day before President Barak Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Explain the connection between Dr. Martin Luther King and President Obama. The Connection between MLK and Pres. Obama

14.  January 17, 2011 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.  At this website you can find service opportunities in your community.  In the 'FIND A PROJECT' section, type in 'Logan, UT'  Write down 3 service opportunites in your area. Service Opportunities