Explore and learn abit more about this most wonderful time of year.

Welcome to CHRISTMAS FUN.  Follow the links to answer the questions.  Record your answers in GOOGLEDOCS and submit it to your classes account. Good luck!

Click the NORAD link to answer the following questions.

1. How many days, hours, and minutes until Santa's flight begins?

2. Which shop in Santa's Village is the busiest?

3. What game is in that shop?

4. How long has NORAD been tracking Santa?

5. Where does Santa usually begin his trip?

6. How old is Santa?

7. What do NORAD'S planes do when they intercept Santa?

Click the SOCCER SANTA link to answer the following questions.

8.  What does FC SANTA CLAUS  mean?

9. Where is the team located?

10. What is their record?


Norad Santa Tracker