This unit will teach the definition of a midsegment of a triangle and the associated theorem with it.

The following web site will introduce the Midsegment of a Triangle concept:

Midsegment of a Triangle Lesson

Here is a website in which you can manipulate a triangle to see how the midsegment and side measurements change together:

Midsegment Triangle Move Vertices Activity

Here is a website that will help you to solidfy your understanding of the Midsegment Theorem:

Midsegment Practice Regents

Now, please do the Chapter 5, Section 1 Worksheet Problems 1-8, 10, 11, 13-15 and print out results (and turn into teacher with your name on it) to check for understanding of the new concept on the following website:

Midsegment of a Triangle Class Zone Worksheet

The following homework for this lesson can be accessed only by those with authorized access to the McDougal Littel Geometry Book.

Okay, now the book assignment is page 298; 1 - 11, 47 - 52 in the following web site:

Class Zone Geometry Textbook

The homework will be due tomorrow.