The purpose of this project is to provide resources for practicing graphing a line in slope-intercept form. Work through each step and make sure you do the assessment at the end. [Utah State Algebra 1 Core Curriculum - Standard II, Objectives 1-3.]

Step 1:

Watch the video. 

Step 2:

Click on the link to practice graphing lines.  Try at least 10 different equations.  Do more if you want to. Graphing Lines Practice

Step 3:

Learn a little bit more about graphs of lines.  Use this link to focus more on the equations of veertical and horizontal line.  Answer the questions at the bottom of the page.  Math Warehouse slope-intercept form

Step 4: Assessment

To show that you understand how to graph a line in slope-intercept form, get out a sheet of paper.  Write down 4 different equations that you have made up.  At least 1 of them must be an equation of a vertical or horizontal line.  Graph those 4 equations and turn them in.