Students research websites to find how the atomic theory has developed over the years.

Ancient Greek Atoms shapes and sizes Read carefully on this website to find what Democritus thought about the shapes of atoms.

Wikibooks Democritus Property of Atoms

Atom Builder

Atomic Magic Heisenberg (Wave Model

Atomic Models PDF Handout Short and sweet and to the point for many of the atomic models used.

Atomic Models Webquest Nice pictures of five models plus useful links.

Atomic Theories Easy to read Data Table

Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory  Useful, includes illustration of spiky atom.

Bohr Model Shows how electrons can gain energy levels.

Dalton Atomic Theory Shows Dalton's spherical atoms as well as compounds formed by combining atoms.

Democritus Encyclopedia Entry Life of a great Physicist

Matter: Atoms from Democritus to Dalton Shows atoms combining to form molecules in a compound.

Modern Atomic Theory  Heisenburgs Wave (or cloud) Model is described along with the idea of uncertainity.

The modern atom model Particle adventure.  Follow links in the Left Navigation Bar.

Thompson Atom and Rutherford Atom  Evidence for the nucleus.

Timeline of Nuclear Age  Click on the years on the Navigation bar on the bottom

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