Participant materials for those participating in the Tuesday Fall, 2010 Davis County IA Workshop . For viewing and printing convenience each resource is a pdf. For your convenience, there is a link to download the free Adobe Reader.

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Workshop Materials

Reflection Paper Prompts
Sample Instructional Architect Projects
  • Solving One Step equations: Pre-Algebra Standard 3 Objective 2: Students will solve one step equations. The students will use addition and subtraction to solve the equations.
  • Cells: Students will have the opportunity to explore the cell in a 3D fashion and learn more about its organelles.
  • Rectangle Area: OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to understand the concept of area, find area of a rectangle, and apply knowledge in a "real-life" situation.
  • Seasons: Class Objective: Today we will discover why we experience seasons and yearly changes in weather.

Student Survey and Consent Materials