The links below will help you practice distributing and combining like terms.

READ THE DIRECTIONS for each link before you begin!

Distributive Property Practice

1.  Distribute - practice game  After selecting this link, click the green button to begin.  Simplify each distributive property statement and put the answers in the box.  Check your answers.  Try at least 10 problems before moving on to the next link.
2.  Distributive Challenge!  Play a game of Distributive Property Jeopardy.  You may play alone or against a partner.  Only play in the first 3 columns.

3.  Distribute Battleship  Select the computer skill level you want to play against.  Guess where the computer's ships are.  If you guess the right spot, you'll be asked a question.  Choose the right answer and you get a hit.  A hit will show up as a black dot.  A miss will show up as a bulls-eye.  Play at least one entire round of battleship.

Practice Combining Like Terms

1.  Combine Like Terms Matching Game  Match each set of cards that has like terms.  Remember that like terms means the statement has the same variables and the same exponents.  Play at least one complete matching round.

2.  Combine Like Terms to Match Columns  Connect the statement on the right with its correct like terms match on the left.  Play at least 2 complete games before continuing to the next link.

3.  Combine Like Terms - $1,000,000  Do you want to be a millionaire?  Answer enough like terms questions correctly and you could get to $1,000,000!  You get three hints along the way.  Play at least one full game.

When you are finished, either
A. go back to your favorite game and play it again.
B. go back to what you need the most help on and try those three links again, or
C.  try this fun multiplication game to practice your times tables.  Multiplication game