"Stormy weather, a deep, dark lake, and many unanswered quesitons keep mystery and ghost story fans turning pages right up to the end." -- TeensReadToo.com. This site will introduce you to Mary Downing Hahn, the author of Deep and Dark and Dangerous, and a few of her other haunting novels. You will also have the opportunity to write a paragraph giving your opinion on ghosts. Finally, you will read an article about DREAMS, and write a short essay about some of your dreams. Please read the directions carefully.


It's always helpful to know a little about the author of the book you're reading. Click on this link to meet Mary Downing Hahn. Use this article to fill in the blanks on the Mary Downing Hahn Worksheet. You will need to make a copy of this document so it will be yours. Now you can write on it.  Print when completed.



For the next activity you will listen to 4 book trailers. Make sure the little speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner is turned on! Listen to a Deep and Dark and Dangerous book trailer. 

Click here! Deep and Dark and Dangerous Book Trailer

Now listen to a book trailer for All the Lovely Bad Ones.

Book trailer for Closed for the Season

Book trailer for The Old Willis Place

NOW I would like you to write a paragraph about GHOSTS!  Create a document in Google Docs. Title: GHOSTS. Name, date and class period in the right hand corner. Double space. Write a good body paragraph about your feelings and opinions about ghosts. Remember to begin with a TOPIC SENTENCE. Give me DETAILS and EXAMPLES to support why you feel this way. Sum up your paragraph with a CONCLUDING sentence. Minimum of 10 sentences. PRINT. Turn in to Mrs. D.


Part 3

Have you ever wondered about your dreams? Well, read the following article about those crazy night time adventures you've been having: Dreams: The Big Questions.  

After reading the first section, read Why Do We Dream, Cool Dreams, Nightmares and Common Dreams.

Now tell me about your dreams!  Open a word document in another window. Use the Sweet Dreams Essay Instructions to tell me about your nocturnal adventures.